What is the most beautiful beach in Vieste?

The Vieste area, located on the tip of the Gargano in Puglia, is full of fascinating beaches, each with unique characteristics that make them special in their own way. The choice of the "most beautiful beach" can vary depending on personal tastes and the activities you wish to carry out. Below are some of the most famous beaches of Vieste, with a brief description of their main characteristics:

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola it is located right in the heart of Vieste and offers its visitors an enchanting view of the medieval historic center of the city on one side, and of Punta Santa Croce and the nineteenth-century village on the other. Once upon a time, this bay was the city's marina, with boats lying on the sand, ready to be sheltered from storm surges behind the city walls. Now, the bay is home to a lovely municipal house with palm trees, where children can run around freely while adults enjoy an ice cream while admiring the spectacular view. The islet of Santa Eufemia and its lighthouse partially close the bay, making the landscape even more evocative.

San Lorenzo beachSan Lorenzo beach

La San Lorenzo beach it is located north of the center of Vieste, and is one of the beaches most appreciated by locals. With a length of around 1500 meters and a width in some places of over a hundred metres, it offers ample space to relax and play. The sandy seabed that slopes very slowly makes it perfect for families with children. The proximity to the tourist port and the city center, together with the presence of many equipped beach establishments, make San Lorenzo a convenient and pleasant choice for spending a day at the seaside.

Bay and the Arch of San Felice

La San Felice Bay it is a small green paradise that hides a lovely little beach with shallow, sandy seabed. The beauty of this bay is accentuated by the natural arch that characterizes the landscape, making it truly enchanting. The bay can be reached both by sea and through the structure of the same name, and offers a picturesque escape from the daily routine.

Scialmarino beach

Also known as “Spiaggia Lunga”, the Scialmarino beach it extends for almost 3 kilometers of golden sand. Its position, about 4 km from Vieste in the direction of Peschici, makes it easily accessible for those staying in the area. The bay is very suggestive and also offers the view of a trebuchet, a traditional fishing facility. Furthermore, the presence of a specialized center makes Scialmarino a popular destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Vignanotica beachvineyard bay

Located along the provincial road that connects Vieste to Mattinata, the Vignanotica beach it is a place where nature reigns supreme. The sand mixed with gravel and pebbles, together with the multiple caves dug by the sea and the limestone cliff in the background, create a romantic and evocative environment. During the high season, the beach establishments are equipped to welcome visitors, while in the quieter months the beach offers a serene refuge for romantic getaways.

Scialara beach

La Scialara beach, also known as "Castle" beach due to its proximity to the Castello Svevo, is one of the main beaches of Vieste. Its main point of attraction is the Pizzomunno, a solitary monolith that has become a symbol of the city. With a length of 3 kilometers, it offers ample space for walking along the coast, enjoying the sound of the waves and the view of the historic center of Vieste.

Portonuovo beach

La Portonuovo beach it is located a few kilometers south of the center of Vieste, right after the Scialara beach. These two beaches, almost forming a single sandy expanse, are separated only by a limestone massif known as "the bridge", where the Punta delle Sirene and the Bat Cave. Portonuovo Beach is very quiet and extends for around 1500 metres, with fine sand and a seabed that slopes very gently, making it an ideal destination for families with children or for those looking for a bit of relaxation. The privileged position of the beach allows you to admire the islet of Portonuovo, which even the most experienced can swim to. Numerous bathing establishments are located along the beach, guaranteeing comfort and services to visitors. Access to the beach is very easy, although finding free parking could be a challenge during high season. The tranquility of the place and the beauty of the surrounding landscape make the Portonuovo beach an ideal place to enjoy a day of sun and sea on the Gargano coast.

Cala della Pergola

About 20 km from Vieste, Cala della Pergola it is a small but charming pebble beach, ideal for those who love diving and tranquility. Its wild beauty attracts many visitors during the high season, although the lack of services and establishments preserves its pristine appearance.

Campi Bay

La Campi Bay, located about 10 km south of Vieste, is a place of incredible natural beauty. Surrounded by a Mediterranean landscape full of Aleppo pines, the bay boasts a 500-meter-long pebble beach with a deep seabed, making it a prime destination for divers. Two small islets sit in the center of the bay, adding a touch of mystery to the view. Very often, Campi Bay is a stop for boats offering guided tours of nearby sea caves. Among these, the Calda cave, the Sfondata cave, the Contrabbandieri cave and the Campana Piccola cave deserve mention, each with its own fascinating peculiarities. The Bay of Campi can be reached by sea or via a steep road which, although not suitable for small children and the elderly, offers the more adventurous access to this picturesque corner of the Gargano coast.

Zagare Baybay of orange blossoms

Even if it is located in the territory of the Municipality of Mattinata, it certainly deserves an honorable mention too Zagare Bay, almost 30 km from Vieste. This bay has become one of the symbolic beaches of the Gargano thanks to the presence of the high white cliffs and two beautiful limestone stacks sculpted by the wind. The white pebble beach contrasts with the crystalline blue of the sea, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle and making this stretch of coast an ideal place for a romantic getaway or for those looking for a more private and uncontaminated seaside experience.

But then which is the most beautiful beach?

For those looking for a beach with a view of the old city, Marina Piccola is the ideal choice. Scialara, on the other hand, fascinates with the presence of Pizzomunno, while families with children and lovers of comfort may prefer San Lorenzo and Scialmarino. For those looking for beaches with a wild charm, Baia di Campi, Vignanotica and Cala della Pergola offer a unique experience, immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Gargano.

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