stacks bay of orange blossoms

Zagare Bay

Baia delle Zagare or Baia dei Mergoli has become one of the symbolic beaches of the Gargano also thanks to the presence of the high white cliffs and 2 beautiful stacks of limestone rock sculpted by the wind, the pine trees and the white pebble beach which, combined with the blue sea ​​create an incredible show.
It is located in the territory of Mattinata, almost 30 km from Vieste
There are actually 2 beaches, separated by a cliff: Baia delle Zagare, which owes its name to the flowers of the lemon trees nearby (the orange blossoms), and Baia dei Faraglioni, towards Vieste.

How to get to Baia delle Zagare

To get to Baia delle Zagare from Vieste by car, take the SP53 towards the south.
Often a stop on boat excursions to discover the sea ​​caves of the Gargano, the bay is accessible by sea, through the homonymous resort which rises sheer on the cliff and connects to the bay with an elevator dug into the rock.
To access through hotels in recent years you need a nominal pass, issued by the Public Relations Office of the Municipality of Mattinata.

There are also old paths (not exactly easy), which are accessible from the main road, such as the one called "the path of love”, which also connects the nearby beach of Vignanotica.

Curiosity: Baia delle Zagare is the set of many scenes of the Indian comedy "House Full", the second highest grossing film of Indian cinema.
bay of orange blossoms

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