Vieste: the prestigious recognition of the 5 Sails arrives

Vieste, a pearl set in the wonderful Gargano coast, has just made its triumphant entry into the list of the best coastal resorts in Italy. The guide "The most beautiful sea 2023" has awarded this fascinating Apulian town with the prestigious Cinque Vele, the highest award that celebrates territories of extraordinary beauty and sustainable development practices.

The awards ceremony was held in Rome, presented by Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club, and revealed that only 21 locations across the country have been awarded this prestigious banner. Puglia has once again demonstrated its extraordinary coastal vocation, with three award-winning destinations. In Salento awarded Nardò, second in the general classification, and Porto Cesareo, classified in twenty-first place.

Although it is the first time that Vieste receives this recognition, it is positioned in seventeenth place, surpassing numerous consolidated destinations.

With its enchanting beaches, suggestive caves and a breathtaking panorama, Vieste has won the hearts of visitors and the respect of experts. This location has managed to find a perfect balance between preserving the natural landscape and offering high-quality tourist experiences. Thanks to its privileged position in the Gargano National Park, Vieste has been able to exploit its resources without compromising the surrounding environment.

The Cinque Vele delivered in Vieste are a tangible sign of the local community's commitment to preserving their land and offering authentic and sustainable hospitality to visitors. Through innovative and courageous initiatives, Vieste has demonstrated that it is possible to combine tourism development with environmental protection.

This major victory strengthens Puglia's position as one of Italy's most beautiful coastal regions. With seven awards in the pockets of Sardinia and four of Tuscany, Puglia is in third place together with Campania, with three places awarded the Cinque Vele.

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