Vieste con Gusto: what to eat in Vieste, food and wine guide

Stuffed mussels: a Pugliese delight

Among the most popular local specialties are mussels stuffed with tomato sauce, a dish that can be tasted in the typical restaurants of the area and in the homes of Apulian families.

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Focaccia from Puglia

This specialty is an absolute must for those who decide to have lunch on one of the beaches of Vieste, enjoying every bite together with the sound of the sea waves.

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Vieste caciocavallo

Caciocavallo Podolico

Caciocavallo is one of the symbols of Apulian gastronomy. This round-shaped cheese probably owes its name to the use…
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The Cacioricotta

iCacioricotta is one of the best known Apulian cheeses. Also in the Gargano there is a good production. The name is due…
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To discover Vieste and the Gargano also means getting to know its simple cuisine based on homemade pasta. Omitting the Orecchiette, which are now the symbol of traditional Apulian cuisine in the world, the cheeses of the area are also peculiar, made with Gargano goat milk and Podolica cow. The cheeses of ancient tradition ( cheese, cacioricotta and scamorza) are highly appreciated for their unique flavor.

In full Mediterranean tradition, Vieste also offers great fish dishes and seafood such as Stuffed squid, the troccoli with cuttlefish sauce , local fish soup, 'o ciambott.
The union of the cults of fresh pasta, typical cheeses,extra virgin olive oil olive, spices and typical vegetables make the cuisine of Vieste very tasty and genuine.

Excellent, as in all of Puglia, are the proposals for "street food". In addition to the inevitable Apulian panzerotti (crescent-shaped fried pizzas), we also find the paposce (sandwiches made with pizza dough, cooked in the oven and stuffed with typical ingredients).
An excellent choice to take to the beach is the Pugliese pizza, a focaccia cooked in a pan, with cherry tomatoes and garlic.

Asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, capers, lampascioni, wild rocket,  seasoned with the gold of this land "extra virgin olive oil",  with an intense and unmistakable flavor, they are in fact a side dish to the flavors of the area.
Among the characteristic culinary products of the traditional cuisine of Vieste and the Gargano are mentioned, in addition to the inevitable bruschetta: the orecchiette with tomato and cacioricotta and turnip greens, strascinati with salted anchovies and breadcrumbs, troccoli with chickpeas, cavatelli with squid, stuffed aubergines and peppers, artichokes stuffed with fresh peas.
As for desserts, the most famous are the k'lustr (cartellate fried and covered with honey and almonds), which are mainly prepared with Christmas.