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The Apulian Trulli

The Trulli are very particular rural constructions, peasant houses, cylindrical in shape, with conical roofs covered with dry stone. The term trullo derives from…
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Panzerotto from Puglia

Eaten hot, wrapped in a sheet of paper, the Apulian panzerotto is one of those typical dishes based on leavened and fried dough,…
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Kitesurfing in Vieste

Thanks to its beauty and the constant and moderate winds and sandy beaches with shallow waters, Vieste, since the 80s, is…
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Boat excursions to Vieste

Venturing out on a boat to explore the Gargano coast is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have during a holiday in Vieste.
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Vieste caciocavallo

Caciocavallo Podolico

Caciocavallo is one of the symbols of Apulian gastronomy. This round-shaped cheese probably owes its name to the custom of hanging the wheels…
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Christmas on the Gargano

Christmas is a magical period and even if the Gargano is above all a seaside destination, it is also beautiful in winter. The villages of the Gargano, built…
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The tastings of the Merinum Cellars

Immersed in the ancient olive groves of the Padre Pio estate, Cinzia, wine producer and sommelier, will accompany you on a journey through aromas and scents to discover the…
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Vieste, Events Calendar 2022

It will be a summer full of musical and cultural events that lies ahead in the Gargano town. Cinema, theatre, author music, books, food and wine evenings, folklore,…
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St Mary's party program 2022

Announced on the website of the organizing committee the 2022 program of the patronal feast of Santa Maria di Merino in Vieste After the procession of 9…
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Weather in Vieste

Are you looking for the weather forecast in Vieste? To plan your trip in the best possible way, it is always better to check the forecast, the possibility of rain,…
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Vieste, Events Calendar 2021

See the events program in Vieste 2022. It will be a summer full of musical and cultural events that lies ahead in the Gargano town. Highly anticipated…
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Holiday bonus in Vieste

Do you want to use the holiday bonus in Vieste? On this page you will find the accommodation facilities that accept the holiday bonus and how to use it.…
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fishing vieste

Fishing in Vieste

Vieste, based on its particular position (surrounded by the sea on 3 sides), is naturally a destination for passionate fishermen. Here the tradition…
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Popular music in the Gargano

Vieste is also rediscovering its ancient musical tradition made up of verses handed down by voice, triplet rhythms, beating guitars that play simple chords of…
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2020 a record for

Despite the Covid emergency, Vieste has confirmed itself as one of the queens of the summer, making itself appreciated even by those who traditionally spend their holidays abroad. Confirming…
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