Vieste and the Gargano between culture and traditions

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Vieste and the Gargano between culture and traditions

Vieste and the whole Gargano are witnesses of an ancient and fascinating history.
A few kilometers from Vieste rises  the flint mine of Defensola, the oldest in Europe, dating back to seven thousand years ago, while in Rignano Garganico we find the Paglicci cave, with Paleolithic graffiti, one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy.
Even in Roman times the territory was inhabited, near the sanctuary of Santa Maria de Merino , the remains of Roman farm villas are still visible today. In the same area we also find the Paleochristian Necropolis La Salata, of great importance from an archaeological point of view, as well as the cave with the votive inscriptions to Venus Sosandra on theislet of the lighthouse of Vieste.

However, the signs of the medieval era are much more visible in the Gargano, in fact we find numerous villages with fascinating characteristic architecture such as those of Vieste, Peschici e Rhodes Garganico, towns built overhanging the sea in strategic places to defend themselves from the incursion of the numerous dangers that threatened the Gargano. In the historic center of Vieste there is still the "bitter chianca“, stone on which the fearsome Saracen pirate Draghut Rais slaughtered many local inhabitants. Other evidence of the ancient danger coming by sea are still present today coastal towers of sighting, which we find scattered on almost all the Gargano coast. To remain in the Viestano area, the Castello Svevo, cathedral and the convent of St. Francis tip, which are located within the ancient walls of the medieval village
Testimony of the Lombard era is instead Mount Sant'Angelo, milestone for knight i crusaders, which with its splendid sanctuary in the rock and its medieval districts has been included among the Unesco heritage sites. The entire Gargano is rich in history and traditions, too culinary e music, and it is not uncommon to come across cultural initiatives;.

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is a bay in the center of Vieste, one of the most fascinating places.
The bay goes from Punta San Francesco to Punta Santa and is partially closed by the islet of the lighthouse.

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The Pizzomunno

Pizzomunno is an imposing limestone monolith 25 meters high. It is located at the beginning of the beach south of the center…
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lighthouse of vieste

The Lighthouse of Vieste

The Lighthouse of Vieste, admirable from most of the city, stands on the islet of Santa Eufemia (or more precisely Santa Eugenia),…
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Peschici is about 20 km away. north of Vieste, on the coast, between a crystal clear sea and green pine forests. Fish us,…
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point san francisco

Punta San Francesco

Exploring the historic center of Vieste, you cannot miss a visit to Punta San Francesco. The small peninsula is…
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vieste castle

The Castle of Vieste

The Swabian castle of Vieste stands on the edge of the historic center, on a cliff overlooking the sea that overlooks…
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Vico del Gargano

The village of Vico del Gargano, located in the hinterland of the north of the Gargano, not far from Rodi Garganico and Peschici, is…
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The Cathedral of Vieste

The Cathedral (Basilica) of Vieste is located in the upper area of ​​the medieval village, more precisely a few steps from the castle…
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The Scala dell'Amore

The stairway of love was created on the occasion of the 1st Vieste in Love, painting one of the stairs that connect…
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Rhodes Garganico

Rhodes Garganico

Rodi Garganico is located in the northern part of the Gargano, west of Peschici, about 35 km from Vieste. The center…
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Petrone Square

History of Piazzetta Petrone Piazzetta Petrone is not only an enchanting corner of the historic center of Vieste, but is also…
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Monte Sacro Abbey

Monte Sacro, thanks to its 872 meters of altitude, can boast the toponym of "mountain". It is the confirmation…
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La Salata Necropolis

The most important cemetery complex of the Gargano is that of the La Salata Necropolis, which is located a few steps from…
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The Chianca Amara

Adjacent to the Cathedral of Vieste is to remember a rock called "la Chianca Amara", a monument to human ferocity, on which…
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Defensola mine

The Defensola mine in Vieste has been considered for many years a cornerstone of European mining archeology for the extraction of…
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