The most beautiful beaches in Puglia

With over 800 km of coastline overlooking the blue waters of the Adriatic and Ionian, Puglia is one of Italy's most loved coastal destinations. The beaches of Puglia they vary from golden stretches kissed by the sun to hidden coves set among the cliffs, extending from the Gargano coast, passing through the heart of central Puglia, up to touching the crystal clear waters of Salento.
Below we present a list of the 10 most enchanting beaches in the region.

Torre dell'Orso

Torre dell'Orso, near Melendugno, is a crescent-shaped beach enclosed between two fascinating cliffs. While you enjoy the sun and the sea, offshore you can admire the famous sea stacks, known as the Two Sisters. The beach is also famous for the ancient caves that house graffiti in Latin and Greek.

Bay of the Turks

Located near Otranto, the Baia dei Turchi looks like a bouquet of pastel colours, with golden shades of the dunes and the blue of the crystalline sea. History tells that the Ottoman fleets landed here in 1480.

Punta Prosciutto

Characterized by a sea of ​​Caribbean colors and white sand beaches that extend for kilometers, Punta Prosciutto is a wonder of the Ionian coast. The landscape is completed by centuries-old dunes and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Marina di Pescoluse

Also known as the "Maldives of Salento", Marina di Pescoluse offers kilometers of golden beaches, ideal for families and sportsmen. In addition to the beach, the area offers multiple activities and services, making every day at the beach a complete experience.


Vignanotica, located between Vieste and Mattinata, is a splendid sand and pebble beach, overlooked by white limestone cliffs. With its numerous caves and its romantic atmosphere, it is one of the jewels of the Gargano.

Marina Piccola beach

Located in the center of Vieste, the Marina Piccola it is a real jewel that offers a breathtaking view of the village of Vieste. Bordered by Punta San Francesco and the medieval historic center on one side and by the islet of Santa Eufemia on the other. If you are looking for a place where history meets natural beauty, Marina Piccola is ideal. Here, among other things, numerous events are hosted, including concerts, fairs and fireworks.


Lama Monachile beach

Monachile blade it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic views of Polignano a Mare. This small cove, nestled between high rock cliffs, has crystal clear water that varies from green to turquoise. The beach, made up of white pebbles, is a perfect place for those who love to immerse themselves in natural beauty, although, given its small size and its immediately deep seabed, it may not be ideal for families with small children. Despite this, the proximity to bars and restaurants makes it a perfect destination for a day at the beach.

Zagare Bay

Located near Mattinata, in the Gargano, the Zagare Bay it is famous for its white cliffs and its limestone stacks. It is ideal for boat excursions to discover the sea caves of the Gargano.

Zaiana beach

La Zaiana Bay represents a hidden jewel in the wild heart of the Gargano: a small inlet, surrounded by imposing cliffs, which in the 70s was a meeting point for naturists. This bay between Vieste and Peschici, for its uncontaminated aura, is recognized as one of the seaside gems of Puglia.

Lapillo Tower

This pearl located north of Porto Cesareo boasts a coastline of bright and velvety sand that extends gently under transparent waters, forming a natural carpet that extends for meters. In this corner of paradise, you have the freedom to immerse yourself in uncontaminated serenity or get involved in the lively beach activities.

These Apulian beaches represent only a small part of the wonders that the area has to offer. Whether you're looking for a day of relaxation, a dose of history or simply a place to watch the sunset, the Adriatic coast won't disappoint.

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