Portonuovo beach

Portonuovo beach is located a few kilometers south of the center of Vieste, just after the beach of Skiing , with which it almost creates a single sandy expanse interrupted only by a limestone massif (also called "the bridge"), where the Punta delle Sirene and the Cave of the Bats. The beach is very quiet and is about 1500 meters long.

Here too we find fine sand and a seabed that slopes very gently, making it recommended for families with children, but also for those looking for a bit of relaxation. From the beach it is possible to admire, as well as the historic center of Vieste, the islet of Portonuovo.

Nicknamed "the whale" due to its particular shape, it can also be reached by swimming by the most experienced.
Along the Portonuovo beach there are many beach establishments. Access is very simple, minus the free parking.


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