Cala della Pergola

Cala della Pergola is located about 20 km from Vieste, and can be easily reached directly by car through the roads that wind from the provincial Vieste-Mattinata. It is a very small beach, about 30 meters long, with pebbles, very suitable for those who want to enjoy the sea by diving. Given its wild beauty and the convenience of parking, in the high season it is overwhelmed by tourists who partially compromise its unspoiled nature. There are no establishments and services, it is therefore advisable to bring drinks from home, and above all, to leave clean.

How to get to Cala della Pergola

To get to Cala della Pergola you have to take the SP54 along the Vieste-Mattinata SP53, or just after Campi Bay, following the directions for Pugnochiuso and passing the tourist complex, or at the height of Coppa Santa Tecla. A road starts from the SP54 and goes directly to the beach.

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