The Femminello Lemon of the Gargano

The Limone Femminello del Gargano, the oldest lemon in Italy, is grown in the territories of the municipalities of Vico del Gargano, Ischitella and Rhodes Garganico.
It is one of the excellences of the territory and can boast the recognition IGP, given the high percentage of juice, the intense aromas and its unique organoleptic properties.

The Limone del Gargano is a local cultivar of the Femminello Comune variety, historically divided into 2 types: "gentle rind" or "oblong".

The lemon “with gentle rind” (also called Lustrino) is characterized by a smooth skin, a light color and a weight of less than 80 grams.
The lemon "oblong" (also called Fusillo), on the other hand, has a medium-thick skin, a citrine yellow color and a weight of 100 grams or more.

The name Femminello is mainly due to the high productivity of the plant, which can reach up to five blooms a year, and is the most widespread in Italy.

The lemon groves of the Gargano are found in the area closest to the sea. The mild climate and sunny position thus create the ideal conditions for the production of lemons and oranges.

Used in the kitchen to season local cuisine, it is also used for the production of Limoncello, sweet and digestive liqueur that often closes dinners in this magnificent place that is the Gargano
Gargano lemons poster

Until the early 900s, 150 quintals of lemons and oranges from the Gargano were exported all over the world, especially in Canada and the United States of America.
The conquest of the Americas was partially halted in 1897, when tariffs came into force in the USA to protect the citrine oranges of California and Florida.
The wars of the early 900s and the globalized agricultural industry led to a slow decline in exports of citrus fruits from the Gargano.
The legendary advertising posters remain witnesses of the golden age of Gargano citrus fruits.
Photo source: Atlas of the typical products of the Gargano del GalGargano

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