La Scialara: An Apulian jewel among the best beaches in Europe

In 2024, the Scialara beach in Vieste has achieved significant recognition. Inserted in the list of the 15 best European beaches by European best destination, this beach stands out for its natural beauty and picturesque charm. This recognition was also taken up by DOVE magazine, a well-known travel newspaper of the Corriere della Sera group, confirming the prestige of Scialara not only in Italy but also internationally.

The Charm of Scialara

La Scialara, also known as the Castle beach due to the view of the Castello Svevo that dominates it, extends under the slopes of the limestone massif on which the historic center of the city stands.
This location creates a breathtaking panorama, dominated by the famous Pizzomunno, a solitary monolith that has become one of the symbols of the city of Vieste. With its 3 kilometers of golden sand, the beach offers easy access and hosts numerous beach clubs, making it ideal for families and lovers of relaxation.

The attractiveness of Scialara lies not only in its scenic beauty but also in its accessibility and well-developed infrastructure. The sandy and shallow seabed makes it safe for children, while the flat seafront is perfect for long walks or jogs at dawn or dusk. Furthermore, the presence of small freshwater streams that flow into the beach adds a unique touch to the natural environment.

The mention of Scialara in the list of European Best Destinations  not only promotes Vieste as a tourist destination but also highlights the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable promotion of local and international tourism. We refer you to our section dedicated to beaches of Vieste to find out more about this and other enchanting beaches.

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