Christmas in Vieste: Traditional desserts

Vieste has managed over time to preserve many ancient traditions, including the culinary one. There are many typical desserts that we find on Viestane tables during the Christmas period, almost always made at home under the careful supervision of the grandmothers, true custodians of culinary knowledge, with local and genuine ingredients.

One of the typical Christmas sweets are the Apulian Cartellate, called in Vieste "Kulùstr". The preparation takes place by composing ribbons of a thin sheet of dough wrapped around itself to form a sort of choreographic "rose" with cavities and openings, which will then be fried in plenty of oil.
On the Gargano they are covered with ground almonds and honey, while in other areas of Puglia the filling with cooked Vin is more frequent.
The Cartellate have very ancient origins and are also widespread on the other shores of the Adriatic.

Among the most popular desserts we find the Calzonecelli "Calzuncidd": widespread throughout the Gargano, they are small stuffed dumplings with chestnuts and honey or chickpea cream, fried. The addition of cocoa to the filling and the invention of other variations with chocolate filling in more recent times has been able to meet the tastes of the new generations less accustomed to traditional flavours.

Other typical sweets in their simplicity are thepettole, common to many regions of southern Italy, they are balls of leavened and fried dough, in the great Italian tradition of fried pizzas. Also delicious savory, it is in the sweet version that we find them most frequently during the Christmas period.

Then there are the local variations of the great Italian desserts, such as Panfoggiano, an artisan panettone with pomegranate, which is linked to the tradition of the typical dessert "cooked corn“, with pomegranates.

Whatever your favorite typical dessert, we just have to wish you a Merry Christmas and above all Bon Appetit!

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