Focaccia from Puglia

If you are planning a holiday in Vieste, Puglia, you cannot miss the Apulian focaccia. This specialty is an absolute must for tourists who want to taste the typical products of the region, especially for those who decide to have lunch on one of the beaches of Vieste, enjoying every bite together with the sound of the sea waves.
Indeed, the Apulian focaccia is perfect to be enjoyed on the beach because it is easy to transport and can be eaten both hot and cold.
The Apulian focaccia is also called "pizza" and is easy to find in all the bakeries in the city of Vieste and can be used as a basis for tasting typical products such as cheese or the cured meats of the area.
This focaccia is widely spread throughout the areas of the Puglia, such as the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Taranto, part of the province of Brindisi (Ostuni, Fasano and Cisternino), Gargano and in general in the province of Foggia.
In particular, the focaccia is valued in its Bari variant. In fact, in 2010 it was established to promote the production and marketing of Bari focaccia and to protect the product from possible counterfeiting. The Consortium has started the process of registering Focaccia di Bari in the European register of TSGs, i.e. guaranteed traditional specialties, to protect its authenticity and enhance its typical characteristics.

The ingredients of Focaccia Pugliese and its variant "Pizza Viestana"

In Puglia, focaccia is a dish loved by everyone. It is prepared with simple ingredients such as re-milled semolina, boiled potatoes, salt, yeast and water, and is left to rise before being spread out in a pan greased with a lot of extra virgin olive oil.
There are various flavors, including tuna and onion, sliced ​​potatoes and rosemary, but above all the classic one with cherry tomatoes called "Pizza Viestana".

The Apulian focaccia can be filled to your liking with the typical products of the area, cheeses and cured meats.

The Apulian "pizza" is one of the favorite dishes of tourists and locals: it will be for its crunchiness, its unmistakable scent of extra virgin olive oil and rosemary, or perhaps the unmistakable softness of the crumb that melts in the mouth, but a once tasted, you can no longer do without it.

When it comes to cooking, simplicity often trumps complexity. And the Apulian focaccia is living proof of this.
If you are on holiday in Vieste, don't miss the opportunity to try this speciality. Enjoy your meal!

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