Rhodes Garganico

Rhodes Garganico

Rhodes Garganico it is located in the northern part of the Gargano, west of Peschici, about 35 km from Vieste.
The historic center of Rhodes, such as that of Peschici and Vieste, is perched overhanging the sea. In addition to the beauty of its coasts, the small town is also known for the production of citrus fruits, (Gargano oranges and Feminello lemons, both PDO). The fortress on which the city is built is located between two beaches of fine sand, the eastern beach and the western one.
The medieval historic center has the typical Gargano structure, with intricate layouts, steep stairways, very narrow alleys and terraces overlooking the sea. Of particular relevance are the Churches of San Nicola di Mira with the bell tower in Greek-Byzantine art and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Libera, where for centuries the painting of the Madonna della Libera has been venerated, which tradition has it "landed" in Rodi Garganico together with some Venetians fleeing from Constantinople conquered in 1453 by Moemetto II.
Definitely worth a visit is also the recently built beautiful tourist port, the main port of the Gargano for embarkation towards the tremiti Islands and the beach of Saint Menaius.

Rhodes Garganico

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