Saint Menaius

San Menaio is a locality located about 40 minutes by car from Vieste and halfway between Peschici e Rhodes Garganico. This small village on the coast of the Gargano National Park is part of the municipality of Vico del Gargano.
Its beach is an excellent stop while visiting the nearby villages.
The coast of San Menaio is surrounded by Aleppo pine forests, such as Pineta Marzini, which reach down to the soft sandy beach. The notoriety of San Menaio is also linked to the cartoonist Andrea Pazienza, who described the beauties of the area in his works during his holidays in the plain of Calenella.

Andrea Pazienza in San Menaio, source Wikipedia.

The beaches of San Menaio

The very long coast of San Menaio is made up of 4 sandy beaches, all facing north-north-west and characterized by a fine, light golden sandy bottom. The seabed is shallow, flat and sandy along the entire coast, with the exception of some stretches with small cliffs and reefs.
The beaches are:

  • Calenella beach: a stretch of sand about 950 meters long and 50 meters wide on average, which starts from the plain of the same name and extends to the foot of the medieval tower of Monte Pucci.
  • Spiaggia della Murgia della Madonna: secluded and peaceful, it is only 250 meters long and no more than 30 meters wide. Its bottom is made up of small white pebbles mixed with coarser sand.
  • Spiaggia dei Cento Scalini: accessible via a path of 100 steps, this beach is embraced by an imposing white rock wall and offers a fascinating panoramic path that crosses the Pineta Marzini.
  • San Menaio beach: a vast expanse of very fine sand, which extends for over two and a half kilometers and reaches the village of Rodi Garganico, with numerous bathing establishments and accommodation facilities and the railway tracks that pass a few meters from the sea.

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