Vico del Gargano

The village of Vico del Gargano, located in the hinterland of the north of the Gargano, not far from Rhodes Garganico e Peschici, is inserted among the "most beautiful villages in Italy”.
The charming historic center is of medieval origin and retains many of the original features and architecture typical of the small hillside villages of southern Italy, where different styles alternate. Worthy of note are the castle built by the Normans in 1167 and enlarged by Frederick II in 1240, the city walls with the characteristic round-based towers from 1292 and the numerous churches, including the Mother Church, with its stone portal and its altars, including that of Valentine's day, protector of the city.
Witness of the ancient peasant civilization of Vico del Gargano is the Trappeto Maratea, an exhibition space set up inside an ancient trappeto of the village, i.e. an olive mill, dating back to the XNUMXth century. Inside the museum, the tools associated with the milling of olives are exhibited, such as the wooden presses for pressing, the millstone and other tools useful for agricultural work.

Very rich in citrus and olive groves, the territory of Vico del Gargano extends north to the bays of Calenella and Saint Menaius, while continuing south, in the innermost part, you arrive in the uncontaminated nature of the Umbra Forest.

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