Stuffed mussels: a Pugliese delight

Vieste is a beautiful city located on the Adriatic coast of Puglia, known for its breathtaking beaches and excellent cuisine. Among the most popular local specialties are mussels stuffed with tomato sauce, a dish that can be tasted in the typical restaurants of the area and in the homes of Apulian families. This dish represents an authentic and typical culinary experience of the Vieste cuisine and Puglia, which every tourist should try at least once during their stay on the Gargano.

Stuffed mussels, which in a certain sense are "a seafood version" of the classic Apulian meatballs with tomato sauce, are offered both as an appetizer and as a second course but also combined with pasta flavored with sauce.

You will find this dish, sometimes revisited, but always prepared with care and attention, in every typical restaurant in Vieste.stuffed mussels
Thanks to the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the local chefs, this dish is a real treat for the palate and a testament to the culinary tradition of Puglia.
Stuffed mussels are a tasty dish full of flavours. The main ingredients are fresh and well cleaned mussels, stale bread soaked in water or milk, parsley, grated cheese and eggs. Everything is mixed together to form the filling which will be placed inside the open mussels and cooked in the tomato sauce.

The stuffing used for stuffed mussels in tomato sauce is very similar to that used for another local delicacy, stuffed cuttlefish. Also in this case, the filling is made up of stale bread soaked in water or milk, parsley, grated cheese and eggs, and is placed inside the cleaned cuttlefish and closed with a toothpick. Stuffed cuttlefish is another typical dish of Apulian cuisine between sea and land, which represents an equally delicious and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

While cuttlefish is often accompanied by peas, stuffed mussels go well with tomato sauce. Cooking in the sauce gives the mussels an intense and unmistakable flavour. The tomato sauce is prepared with fresh tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Once ready, the mussels are immersed in the sauce and left to cook for about 20-25 minutes, until they are well cooked.
Those who visit Vieste cannot miss the opportunity to taste the mussels stuffed with tomato sauce, a dish that represents the best of Apulian cuisine between land and sea.

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