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Vieste, known for its crystal clear waters and its breathtaking cliffs, is one of the locations of the new film by the Foggia comedy duo Pio and Amedeo. “How can a rock”, directed by Gennaro Nunziante, already director of many successful films by Checco Zalone.

The film, set among the beauties of Rome, Naples, Veneto and Puglia, finds one of its most evocative locations in Vieste. The poster of the film itself is a tribute to this city: Pio and Amedeo pose on the trebuchet of Punta San Francesco, with the magnificent backdrop of historic center of Vieste. These images not only capture the essence of Vieste, but also serve as an invitation for viewers to explore the wonders of the Gargano for themselves.

Regarding the choice of title, the most attentive will remember the song "Libidibus" by the comic duo Toti and Tata, of which Nunziante was the author, and the refrain "How can a rock curl an octopus". A self-quote parody of the phrase of another duo, that of Mogol-Battisti of "how can a rock dam the sea", which now returns in the title of this film.

The film's synopsis reveals a tale of personal discovery and rebellion against an unchosen life. The story follows Pio, a lawyer whose destiny seems to be written by others, who, together with his driver Amedeo, embarks on a transformative journey. The streets and landscapes of Vieste become witnesses and accomplices of this metamorphosis, offering a backdrop as evocative as it is symbolic.
Pio is a lawyer and company president, whose seemingly perfect life is actually a series of choices imposed by his late father. Married with two children, he lives in a castle and is about to run for mayor, but he feels like he's living a life that isn't his. The turning point comes when Don Boschin, parish priest and spiritual guide of Pio's father, asks him to hire Amedeo as a driver. Amedeo, with a difficult past and an exuberant character, begins to shake up Pio's orderly life. Initially, Pio's family and in-laws oppose Amedeo, but Pio, inspired by his courage, begins to question his existence, embarking on a journey of discovery and rebellion. In the end, it turns out that the bond between Pio and Amedeo hides a deeper meaning, revealing that their lives are incredibly intertwined.

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