Monte Sant'Angelo: Capital of Apulian Culture 2024

Capital Beauty: A Year of Culture, Music, and Spirituality

Monte Sant'Angelo, elevated to the Apulian Capital of Culture for 2024, is preparing to experience an extraordinary year full of cultural, musical, sporting and spiritual events. Located in the wonderful setting of the Gargano, this city, guardian of two UNESCO sites (the sanctuary of San Michele and the Umbra Forest), will become the fulcrum of Apulian cultural activities, offering a full agenda of events until December.

Tradition and Innovation: The Calendar of Events

The calendar of events kicks off on March 18th with the ancestral ritual of the Fanoje fire of San Giuseppe, symbol of rebirth and community unity. The celebrations continue with Education Week, dedicated to schools, and the unchanged rites of Holy Week, culminating in the evocative procession on Good Friday.

Innovation and tradition meet in the Costa del Gargano Rally and in the International Jazz Day, the latter underlining the importance of music as a universal language of sharing and culture.

A Journey between Culture and Spirituality

The international “Michael” festival, from 3 to 9 May, celebrates the cultural, spiritual and natural heritage of Monte Sant'Angelo, enriched this year by the European Assembly of the Via Micaelica, a sign of the importance of intercultural dialogue and the sharing of universal values.

The summers will be animated by the Monte Sant'Angelo Summer Festival and "FestambienteSud", moments of reflection on the environment and our relationship with nature, without forgetting the energy and passion of the Tarantella players' gathering.

Sport and Nature: A Winning Combination

Sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in events such as the "Corrimonte", the "City of Monte Sant'Angelo Rally Slalom", and the "Trittico Unesco Puglia", which combines sport with the valorization of the Apulian UNESCO heritage.

Spirituality as a heritage to live

The Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, the beating heart of the spirituality of Monte Sant'Angelo, confirms itself as a destination for pilgrimage and reflection, enriched by the celebrations dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo, which testify to the uninterrupted devotion towards the warrior Archangel, symbol of protection and spiritual guide.

Monte Sant'Angelo beyond 2024

Monte Sant'Angelo, with its rich calendar of events for 2024, presents itself as a model of how culture and spirituality can be vehicles for growth, dialogue and encounters between different peoples and traditions. The city confirms itself as a place of inestimable beauty, where history, art and faith intertwine in a unique mosaic of human and spiritual experiences.

In this special year, Monte Sant'Angelo will not only be a point of reference for Puglia but a beacon of culture and spirituality at a national and international level, demonstrating how beauty and shared values ​​can be a powerful driver of development and renewal.

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