Days and times of separate waste collection in Vieste

Vieste inaugurates a new era in waste management with the launch of door-to-door separate waste collection throughout the municipal area. This initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability through a series of precise rules for the separation and disposal of materials.
Citizens, tourists and businesses are invited to carefully separate the different types of waste and display the containers outside their homes respecting established days and times.

Days and times of separate waste collection in Vieste
domestic users

Days and times of separate waste collection in Vieste, non-domestic users

The program also details the categories of waste accepted and those excluded from separate collection, highlighting the importance of an active contribution from everyone for a cleaner and greener Vieste.

The booklet, from which the images are taken, provides detailed information on the times and days for waste collection, organized by type of material. To guarantee the efficiency of the service and respect for the environment, it is essential to scrupulously comply with these provisions, thus contributing to the cleanliness and sustainability of Vieste.

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