Between woods, villages and beaches: a journey on the Gargano by motorbike

The Gargano, with its varied landscape that embraces mountains, lush forests and crystalline coasts, is a paradise for lovers of two wheels. A motorbike trip through this promontory of Puglia is not only an exciting adventure but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in an area rich in history, culture and natural beauty protected by the Gargano National Park.

parked motorbikes on a mountain road in the Gargano Mountains in southern Italy with a great view of the bays in the sea

The Route: From Mattinata to Vieste

Starting from Morning, the journey winds along 45 km of hairpin bends that offer breathtaking views of the sea, leading travelers to Vieste, the queen of Gargano tourism. This coastal road is a succession of incredible views, where the green of the vegetation blends with the blue of the sea, creating postcard scenarios that remain etched in the memory.
When exploring these wonders, it is essential to adopt a sustainable approach to preserve the environment and minimize the impact on the territory. One of the measures that motorcyclists can adopt to avoid disturbing local fauna is the use of suitable silencers that reduce the noise of their motorbikes, such as those of the Leo Vince.

Not to be missed

In addition to the coast, the Gargano offers equally fascinating internal routes. The road that leads from Mattinata to Monte Sant'Angelo, for example, is a suggestive itinerary that offers spectacular views of the mountains that slope towards the sea. Monte Sant'Angelo, with its historic sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, is an unmissable stop for those seeking an experience that combines adventure with spirituality.

In the Heart of the Umbra Forest

For nature lovers, an excursion into the heart of Umbrian forest offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in an oasis of biodiversity. Starting from Vieste, Monte Sant'Angelo or Vico del Gargano, you can explore paths immersed in lush vegetation, ideal for a relaxing break from the thrill of the road.

Culture and Gastronomy

Each stage of this journey is also an opportunity to savor the rich culture and gastronomy of the Gargano. From Peschici to Vico del Gargano, travelers can discover historic villages, taste local specialties such as paposcia, and enjoy the hospitality of the numerous accommodation facilities that characterize the region.

Vieste: The Final Stage

Once in Vieste, it's time to leave the motorbike to explore the narrow streets of the historic center on foot, admire the Romanesque Cathedral, the Swabian castle and the legendary Pizzomunno. The city, with its beaches and the sea that invites you to relax, represents the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable trip.

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