Vieste: 4 reasons why it is the perfect destination also in 2021

In this difficult period we have many questions, a lot of fear but also a lot of hope.
After many months spent within the four walls of the house, many Italians feel like dreaming of holidays.
In this article we will tell you about Vieste, a splendid Apulian town, one of the most beautiful places to visit, even in 2021!
Let's see what are the reasons to choose the pearl of the Gargano for your holidays:

Very long beaches

Miles of golden sand and plenty of space await you. They are very many beaches that are located in the territory of Vieste, some very comfortable, with sand and shallow water like that of Pizzomunno, others wilder and more hidden, like that of Portogreco. Whatever your needs, it will be easy to find a nice place at the right distance from other bathers.

Clean Air

Scientific studies have shown that the spread of the new coronavirus is facilitated byair pollution. The air of Vieste, in the National Park of Gargano, it is though very good, with a very low level of PM10 particles and other pollutants. There are no industries in the arc and large urban settlements in the arc of 50 kilometres, while the green areas are vast. The action of the wind and the proximity to the sea help to keep the air quality very high.

Plenty of open space

With an area of ​​almost 170km², mostly covered by woods and countryside, the municipality of Vieste is vast. You will be able to do many outdoor activities, water sports such as kite surfing, long walks on the beach or discover the ancient trebuchets scattered along the coast. Unmissable is the Umbra Forest, a paradise of biodiversity, a UNESCO heritage site, perfect both for the more expert hikers and for those who want to relax with their children in the open air.
Outdoor life helps in the fight against Covid. A study by the Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) in Dublin tells us that the transmission of the coronavirus in the open air represents 0,1% of cases, or only 1 infection in 1000!

Street food made in Puglia

The center of Vieste is full of street food places, which serve from the classic slices of pizza, panzerotti, the typical one daddy, and other specialties to be enjoyed in complete safety. Thanks to the take-away service, you can order your favorite dish and consume it in your apartment, room or in other ways that are safe and compatible with the regulations.

Have we not convinced you? We leave you some photos… we hope to see you soon for a beautiful Italian summer.pizzomunno

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