Photos from Gargano, the Most Beautiful Places to Shoot

The Gargano, one of the most beautiful areas in southern Italy, offers such varied and spectacular scenery that it becomes the perfect set for every photographer, both amateur and professional. Its rugged coasts, the forest, the villages full of history and the crystal clear waters are just some of the wonders you can immortalize.
In this article, we will guide you to discover the most beautiful places where you can take unforgettable photos, perfect for enriching your Instagram but also for being transformed into wonderful photo on canvas, which can decorate your home or become a special gift for someone dear to you.

After talking to you about the most Instagrammable places in Vieste, we move around the surrounding area exploring the entire Gargano promontory to capture every evocative corner of this paradise.

Peschici from Pineta Marzini

With a breathtaking view that extends to the village of Peschici, the panoramic point on Pineta Marzini, just after the Peschici beach, offers a postcard setting. The visual embrace between the village and the blue sea creates a chromatic contrast that is just waiting to be captured by your room.

The Broken Cave

A hidden jewel in the rocky coast of the Gargano, the Grotta Sfondata, surprises with its mystical environment where light and water play between the rocks creating unique effects that will allow you to take a photo that will seem like something out of a dream, especially if you use a wide-angle lens or spherical.

Zagare Bay

The Zagare Bay is famous for its stacks and transparent waters, a true paradise for nature and photography lovers. Use the light that reflects on the turquoise sea to create exciting shots.

Mattinata Coast

Traveling along the provincial road towards Mattinata, unique views open up over the coast, where uncontaminated nature offers scenery of rare beauty. Take shots along the route to immortalize the contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean scrub.

Arch of San Felice

Symbol not only of Vieste, but of the entire Gargano, the Arch of San Felice enchants with its perfect shape, eroded by the sea and the wind. Its silhouette and the bright colors of nature offer the opportunity for a symbolic shot with great visual impact.

The Umbra Forest

The Umbra Forest, the green heart of the Gargano National Park, is a true earthly paradise for nature and photography lovers. This ancient forest, whose name derives from Latin and means "shady forest", is a rich and varied ecosystem, where the light timidly filters through the branches of the centuries-old trees, creating magical plays of shadows and lights. Walking among beech trees, turkey oaks and loricated pines, you will be able to discover hidden corners and fairytale scenarios, ideal for taking evocative photos that seem to have come out of an enchanted world, perhaps making some extraordinary encounters

The Gargano represents a true paradise for photography enthusiasts, offering an infinite number of scenarios, from the splendid coast to the evocative internal landscapes. Every corner of this land can transform into the perfect scenario to capture the most significant moments and transform them into indelible memories. The places mentioned are just a taste of the wonders that the Gargano has to offer but following on Instagram you will discover many other wonderful places, each with its own unique beauty and atmosphere.

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