Reviews on Vieste: also promoted in 2023!

Already reached 500 responses to the initiative of the questionnaire appreciation of Vieste  , now in its 4th edition.
According to those who visited Vieste in the first part of the season, the Gargano city reconfirms itself as an ideal holiday destination, with a satisfaction rate that slightly improves good results of 2022.

From the review of the comments collected it is clear that Vieste and the Gargano are places much loved by those who have visited them, thanks to their wonderful landscapes, crystalline sea, warm welcome and excellent cuisine.

The general experience is rated very well, so is the welcome. There was also a slight improvement in the perception of the city's organization.
Many comments show a deep affection for Vieste and the Gargano. Visitors return year after year, praising the natural setting, the food, the welcome and the overall atmosphere. Vieste is described as a clean, tidy, pet-friendly city, with a beautiful sea and a livable historical centre. Visitors appreciate the possibility of combining sea and culture.

The historic center of Vieste is appreciated for its beauty and the charm it exerts, with its narrow streets in which to get lost and breathtaking views. Many tourists have spoken positively of the boat trips, excursions and cultural activities on offer.

The accommodations and campsites are generally popular, although there have been some negative comments regarding specific issues. The organization and cleanliness of the beaches are praised, as is the hospitality of the locals.

However, some visitors have complained of parking issues, high costs, noisy events, and few alternatives to the beach.

In terms of services, it has been pointed out that public transport could be improved, in particular to make it easier to reach Vieste from other locations and to move around the area without having to use a car.

Furthermore, some visitors highlighted problems with high prices, particularly in restaurants and for tourist services, and with some commercial activities, where they found that customers were not always treated appropriately.

Despite these criticisms, the desire to return is strong in many, even if some express doubts due to distance or cost. Vieste and the Gargano, with their natural and cultural beauty, therefore remain very popular holiday destinations.

That of the sea and the beaches is reconfirmed as the most appreciated aspect of the holiday, also the theme is good food and wine , in second place, indicated as one of the favorite aspects of more than half of the respondents.

The complete survey will be published at the end of September, in order to also collect the opinions of those who will be spending their holidays in Vieste in the second part of the season.

The satisfaction questionnaire on Vieste was created by DIEGO ROMANO MARKETING in collaboration with the Vieste365 Association, the National Dog Defense League - Vieste, Confcommercio-Federeventi Foggia, Skyvillage Animazione, Oasi Village, Baia della Tufara Village.

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