Trip to Salento: lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu

“Salentu: lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu” – Salento in three words: sun, sea and wind. This Apulian saying, famous throughout Italy, contains the essence of a land that becomes a favorite destination for countless tourists every summer. Located in the heart of the "heel of the boot", Salento is a pearl of Puglia, famous for its golden beaches, crystal clear waters, historic villages and an unparalleled culinary tradition.

What to see in Salento:

Salento is not just sea and sun. This land, rich in history and culture, offers visitors a variety of historical and architectural attractions.
There are many things to see in Salento.
From Ostuni, the "white city", to Brindisi, the "Gateway to the East", up to the historic Otranto, every corner of Salento tells a story. Lecce, with its baroque architecture and its historical monuments, and Presicce-Acquarica, with its ancient underground oil mills, are just some of the hidden gems of this region. And for those who love the sea, the Salento coast offers dream beaches and coves, from Torre dell'Orso to Santa Maria di Leuca.

Salento beaches:

Salento is famous for its breathtaking beaches, some of which are considered among the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. The Adriatic coast, with its cliffs and inlets, offers spectacular views and beaches such as Santa Cesarea Terme and the Baia dei Turchi. On the Ionian side, however, there are large sandy beaches such as Pescoluse and Gallipoli, ideal for those seeking relaxation and fun. And for lovers of water sports, the constant wind makes Salento the ideal place for kite-surfing and surfing.

Where Salento is located:

Salento, or Salento peninsula, extends mainly in the province of Lecce, but also includes parts of the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto. This region, once known as Terra d'Otranto, represents the easternmost point of Italy, with Punta Palascìa or Capo d'Otranto marking the extreme border.

Salento is a land of contrasts and beauty, a place where history, culture and nature come together in an irresistible mix. Whether you are a lover of the sea, history or gastronomy, Salento has something to offer everyone. A trip to this region will leave you speechless and with the desire to return again and again.

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