The Castellana Caves: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Puglia, with its wealth of Romanesque cathedrals, white agricultural villages and fascinating seaside villages, offers a cultural and natural heritage of great value. Among the most notable destinations, the Castellana Caves stand out as one of the most spectacular natural wonders, immersed in an area that also boasts attractions such as Alberobello and its trulli, the Itria Valley and the coastal cities of Monopoli and Polignano a Mare.

The Underground Magic of the Castellana Caves

The Castellana Caves offer an immersion in an underground world of unparalleled beauty. With a length of over 3 km and a depth of 122 metres, these natural spaces offer scenarios of stalactites and stalagmites formed over millennia, which enchant visitors of all ages.
The Castellana Caves are not only a site of extraordinary geological interest, but also a stage for special events in an incredibly evocative location.

A Rich and Mysterious History

The discovery of the Castellana Caves dates back to 1938, thanks to the exploration of the speleologist Franco Anelli. Since then, these caves have revealed an underground world of incomparable beauty, becoming one of Puglia's main attractions. Their history is steeped in myths, legends and the scientific curiosity that led to their mapping and study.

Practical Tips for Visiting the Caves

To visit the Castellana Caves, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and a sweater, given the internal temperature of around 16,5°C. The visit can be complete or partial, with itineraries that adapt to the needs of each visitor. The caves are located a short distance from the town of Castellana-Grotte, easily accessible by car. To plan your adventure into the depths of the earth, don't forget to consult the practical information and visiting hours on Official site.

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