Boat excursions to Vieste

Venture out by boat to explore the coast of the Gargano it is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have during a holiday in Vieste.
With a boat trip you can immerse yourself in a timeless place and enjoy breathtaking views that only mother nature can give us.
White cliffs and stacks alternate with small beaches surrounded by green vegetation and the blue sea of ​​the Gargano.

Where to moor or rent a boat or dinghy in Vieste

If you don't own a boat, but still want to live this experience in complete freedom, you can always rent a dinghy at The Darsena – Marina Vieste, which also deals with the mooring of boats at the port of Vieste.
At this wharf you will find dinghies from 2 to 12 people, with the possibility of renting them even just for half a day, with or without a licence.

What to visit during a boat trip to Vieste

Sailing along the South coast

The south coast that connects Vieste to Mattinata is certainly the most interesting to visit by boat. Starting from the port of Vieste you will first skirt the islet of Faro to then admire the village of Vieste directly from the sea.

After passing the islet of Portonuovo, one of the first points of interest you will come across will be theArch of San Felice, a characteristic natural arch a few kilometers south of Vieste.

Then you can visit the sea ​​caves scattered along the Gargano coast. Sea caves are natural tunnels dug out of the karst rock by water and wind. Thanks to magnificent reflections due to the light that filters between the rocks and the Mediterranean scrub, the water acquires enchanting shades of color, giving us a unique scenario.
sea ​​cave of vieste
From the sea you can also reach numerous beaches difficult to access, such as those of Campi with its islet, Pugnochiuso, Portogreco and Vignanotica. After 20 km you reach Baia della Zagare, one of the most famous bays of the Gargano, with 2 splendid stacks.

Sailing along the North coast

The north coast, which goes from Vieste to Peschici, is decidedly less wild than the one to the south towards Mattinata, but is still able to give us important emotions. The long sandy beaches are interspersed with rock ridges which often host the trabucchi and the ancient ones sighting towers up to Peschici, passing through the islet of Chianca and the bay of Sfinale

Cruise to the tremiti islands

12 nautical miles from Vieste we find the enchanting archipelago of Tremiti Islands and their marine reserve, a wonderful place for scuba diving enthusiasts and a must for all sailing boats cruising along the coasts of the Adriatic Sea.

These are just some of the magnificent experiences to have on a boat on the Gargano, keep following us to discover new ones!


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