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Are you about to explore the Gargano, an Apulian jewel with unparalleled charm? You will surely have heard or read about many of its wonders: its golden beaches, green forests, ancient villages and hidden caves. And what is an explorer's best ally? A map!

In the digital age we live in, the use of traditional maps is in decline. Many of us rely on GPS and mapping applications to find our way. But there is something special about holding a physical map in your hands, observing the entire extent of a territory and tracing a route with your finger. That's why we want to offer you both experiences.

A Digital Map of the Gargano

On our site,, you will find an interactive digital map of the Gargano. This map offers a detailed overview of the region and allows you to click on the main points of interest. Each point will lead you to a specific page where you can learn more about that particular attraction. Whether you are interested in the beaches of Vieste, the Umbra Forest or the historic churches of the Gargano, with a simple click you will be directed in the right direction.

Traditional Map: A Blast into the Past

For lovers of tradition and those who appreciate the importance of a physical map, we have something special for you. We provide a detailed map of the Gargano in PDF format. This map, created by the APT (Tourist Promotion Company) of the province of Foggia, created with care and precision, can be downloaded and printed, thus becoming your ideal travel companion.

The APT map offers not only a detailed mapping of the territory, but also useful information on services, accommodation facilities and places of historical and naturalistic interest.

The Gargano is a rich and varied land, ready to be explored. Whether you prefer an interactive digital map or a more traditional version, our goal is to offer you the right tools to best discover this wonderful region. Visit and start your adventure in the Gargano today!

Download the Gargano map in PDF

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