Getting to Vieste; here are the alternative options to discover the city in style

Known as the Pearl of the Gargano, Vieste is certainly one of the unmissable stops for any self-respecting tour of Puglia. If there are many things to do once you arrive in Vieste, from visiting the historic center to enjoying an afternoon by the sea, the question travelers sometimes ask themselves is: what is the best way to get there?

Luckily, there are many options available and some of these, in particular, will make us feel like real VIPs.

Getting to Vieste with the most traditional means

Baia delle Zagare, from the bus

Obviously the most traditional method, and the most convenient if you perhaps have a lot of suitcases or live nearby, is by car. There are 2 roads that connect Vieste to the main automobile arteries. Those arriving from the north can exit the motorway at Poggio Imperiale and after a stretch on the SS693 continue along the SS89. Those arriving from the south and from Naples can instead exit at Foggia or Candela and, passing through Manfredonia, take the suggestive SP53 coastal road. All these roads cross panoramic natural landscapes that make the journey a true discovery, passing by Baia delle Zagare and the arch of San Felice if we come from the South, by the lakes of Lesina and Varano and the village of Peschici if we come from the North.

Alternatively, you can take one of the buses of the Gargano Railways or Sita Bus, which connect Foggia, and from there Vieste, to the main Italian cities such as Rome and Naples.

However, if traveling by road is not for us, we can opt for the rails, at least up to Foggia or Peschici.
The small train of the Gargano Railways runs along the entire northern coast of the Gargano, reaching Calenelle, a plain a few kilometers north of Peschici.

Unfortunately, Vieste does not have a train station, but those arriving from far away can use the train to one of these two cities and move from there by rental car, taxi or bus.

Special vehicles to get to Vieste

However, if we want to spoil ourselves, or discover Vieste in a slightly different way than usual, we can reach it with alternative methods.

A definite treatment is what travelers who decide to arrive in Vieste receive via NCC, an option that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Gargano landscape without the stress of traveling by bus or in your own car.

But the most exclusive way to get to Vieste is certainly by helicopter.

In fact, they operate between the airport of Foggia, Vieste and the Tremiti islands Alidaunia airline helicopters, which allow you to see Vieste from a more unique than rare point of view.
This option is perfect for those arriving in Foggia by plane from one of the main Italian cities, an increasingly popular choice because, for example, making aa flight booking with eDreams, we will quickly notice that there are numerous low-cost flights available throughout the year.

And finally, why not come directly from the sea? Vieste is one of the ports from which ferries leave for the Tremiti together with Rodi Garganico, Vasto and Termoli. In this way Vieste can also become a stop in a broader tour to discover the other important centers in the area and these islands, perhaps after having left by ferry, on the outward journey, from another city.

Whichever way we choose to reach Vieste, one thing is certain: the city certainly deserves a visit for its great historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage. But if we want to travel in a slightly alternative way, we have a good number of means of transport available that will also make the journey to Vieste unforgettable.

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