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Vieste Travel Guide

Vieste is a small town in the Gargano promontory, north of Apulia, which welcomes visitors from all over the world every year.
Vieste’s success as a tourist destination is mainly due to its sea and its incredible coastline, rich in long beaches and natural beauty such as the wonderful sea caves and the Pizzomunno, but also to its history, to which the cathedral, the castle, the trabucchi and the coastal towers bear witness.
The high quality of the services offered by accommodation facilities such as B&Bs, holiday homes or holiday villages in Vieste makes travelling to this town even more enjoyable.
Here you will find an essential travel guide, which can help you discover the things to see in this small Gargano town.
Vieste is also appreciated for its historic centre of ancient history, with narrow alleyways and small white houses with windows adorned with basil overhanging the sea, with views that cut through a sky reflecting the blue of the Adriatic Sea.
Vieste is certainly an excellent base from which to discover the wild beauty of the Gargano area, the imposing Umbra Forest, the white Peschici , Rodi Garganico, the natural paradise of the Tremiti Islands, the ancient pilgrimage paths to Monte Sant’Angelo and the more recent ones to the Sanctuary of Padre Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo . During a holiday in Vieste you will be able to rediscover ancient musical and culinary traditions. Vieste, thanks to its favourable location, is also the ideal place to practice many water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, but also the more traditional fishing.

All this is framed by the rural landscape, with its dry-stone walls, the “pagliari”, the centuries-old olive trees from which the prized evo oil is produced, and the gentle hills that are constantly changing under the expert hand of man.
Today, national and foreign tourism has sanctioned Vieste’s success, not only as a seaside tourist destination, but as a place for “all seasons”, electing this town among the queens of tourism in Puglia. The Gargano, the “lost land” and Vieste constitute an exclusive retreat in which to live at a slow pace, observing peculiar and authentic traits as deeply rooted as they are open to hospitality.
Amidst the splendour of the sea and nature, amidst sea caves and trabucchi, amidst age-old olive groves and narrow alleyways, an ancient, wholly Mediterranean culture still prevails, a genuine way of life that Vieste today re-proposes with strength and simplicity. An invitation not to be missed…


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