Vieste, top ratings also in 2022

The first results are comingsurvey on the approval of Vieste 2022 edition, with the analysis of the first 500 responses to the satisfaction questionnaire for guests who stayed in the pearl of the Gargano in the first part of the summer.
Despite some criticisms, some of which regarding the price increase, Vieste is widely promoted, with quite satisfied guests from all points of view, surpassing for the moment the already good results of 2021.

85,7% of those interviewed would return to Vieste, 11,7% are undecided while only 2,6% would not return.
The one linked to the sea and the beaches is confirmed as the most appreciated side of the holiday, followed by the one linked to food and wine.
Boat excursions and the evening life aspect are also doing well, with the resumption of events after 2 years of restrictions.
The complete survey, carried out by Diego Romano with the collaboration of Oasi Camping Village and Baia della Tufara village, will be published in September, also collecting the opinions of those who will travel to Vieste in the last part of the summer.

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