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Trekking, Mountain Bike and Bicycle Touring

Here you will find some maps and itineraries for trekking and mountain biking in Vieste made available by theHotel Bridge and from Gal Gargano

Umbra Forest itineraries, with Map
Trekking and Mountain Bike itineraries
Cycling itineraries
Apulia Promotion Cycling Guide
Gal Gargano cycling tour guide and Touring Editore

We also offer bike enthusiasts the complete and demanding cycling itinerary "Cycle Tourist Festival", also to be divided into stages for the less experienced:

This itinerary has been defined as "the cycle tourist's festival" as it allows a fairly complete tour of the Gargano: 175 km that touch the most interesting landscape locations of the promontory, with particular attention to the hinterland, which presents many new aspects, difficult to find in tourist brochures.
The length of the route shouldn't be underestimated, even though the layout doesn't present any major bumps. However, a good athletic preparation and a rather solid training are required. The route is not recommended for solo cyclists due to the lack of assistance from the 90th to the 150th kilometre. It is advisable to walk it in a group of 6 – 8 elements, possibly with a car following. The 42 x 21 ratio should be sufficient, but 23 will not be superfluous for the less prepared.

Gargano Bike Cycle touring itinerary in the Gargano with indication of altitude

Since most of the track runs through the tourist area, there are no fueling problems. A recommended place for a break and a picnic is the Umbra Forest, with its equipped areas.

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