Scialmarino area

Scialmarino beach

Also known as “Spiaggia Lunga”, the Scialmarino beach is located about 4 km from Vieste on the coast road in the direction of Peschici, not far…
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La Chianca

So named for the homonymous rock (chianca, stone) located in the center of the small bay, the beach is located 8km north of Vieste. Wide…
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The Trabucchi of the Gargano

Trabucchi, very ancient fishing tools, are widespread along the entire coast from Vieste to Peschici (where there is no promontory on which it does not rise…
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La Salata Necropolis

The most important cemetery complex of the Gargano is that of the Necropolis La Salata, which is located a few steps from the sea of ​​Vieste, in…
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