Old Town

view of the historic center of vieste

the old town village of Vieste

The historic center of Vieste, commonly called "Vieste Vecchia", stands compactly on a rock overlooking the sea that extends from the beach of the castle ...
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point san francisco

Punta San Francesco

Exploring the historic center of Vieste, you cannot miss a visit to Punta San Francesco. The small peninsula is the tip of the rock on…
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vieste castle

The Castle of Vieste

The Swabian castle of Vieste stands on the edge of the historic centre, on a cliff overlooking the sea overlooking the Scialara beach…
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The Cathedral of Vieste

The Cathedral (Basilica) of Vieste is located in the upper area of ​​the medieval village, more precisely a few steps from the Swabian castle, its construction…
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The Scala dell'Amore

The stairway of love was created on the occasion of the 1st Vieste in Love, painting one of the stairs that connect the high gate of the city…
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B&B Rais Luxury Rooms

The B&B Rais Luxury Rooms is in the center of Vieste, a few steps from the main beaches of the city and points of interest,…
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Petrone Square

History of Piazzetta Petrone Piazzetta Petrone is not only an enchanting corner of the historic center of Vieste, but it is also a place steeped in…
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The Chianca Amara

Adjacent to the Cathedral of Vieste is to remember a rock called "la Chianca Amara", a monument to human ferocity, on which women,…
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