All the beaches between Peschici and Vieste

The Gargano coast is famous for its pristine beaches and, even if it is less wild than the south coast of the Gargano, the area between Vieste and Peschici is no exception. In this article we will focus on the beaches that are located between the two Gargano towns, to discover the natural beauties that this area offers.

The beaches north of Vieste

Starting from center of Vieste, the first beach we find is the San Lorenzo beach.
With a length of about 1500 meters and in some points more than a hundred wide, the beach of San Lorenzo is probably the most frequented by the inhabitants of Vieste. The sandy and shallow seabed makes this beach perfect for children. Thanks to the great depth of the beach, it is easy to find a place for the little ones to play without disturbing the other bathers. San Lorenzo beach offers many bathing establishments equipped to meet the needs of tourists. Furthermore, it is possible to play beach volleyball and beach soccer at the special structures managed by the lidos. Even the little ones will enjoy the facilities for their entertainment. San Lorenzo beach is located near the tourist port and a short walk from the center of Vieste. This makes this beach a perfect choice for tourists who want to enjoy the beach without leaving the centre.

Going beyond the small hill with the suggestive church, you arrive at the beach of “Behind San Lorenzo“. This beach, about 200 meters long, is characterized by shallow water and can be easily reached via a path through the pine forest.
We pass other small coves, such as that of Punta Lunga e Bay of Pigeons  and we come to Moline, to a quiet beach 400 meters long, characterized by a shallow sandy seabed, set between the greenery and two rocky peninsulas.

Going north we find a rocky coastal stretch, full of trebuchets and ancient quarries, the Tufara bay, which ends in the bay of Scialmarino.shaman beach
La Scialmarino beach, also known as "Spiaggia Lunga", is located about 4 km from Vieste, on the coast road towards Peschici, close to the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Merino. It is one of the main beaches of Vieste, almost 3 kilometers long and characterized by the presence of numerous resorts and from the shallow seabed.
For fans of kite surfing, Scialmarino beach is an excellent choice, especially in low season, as it is particularly windy. In this area there is a specialized center where it is possible to attend kitesurfing courses.

We continue with our journey along the beaches between Peschici and Vieste up to the beach chianca. Located 8 km north of Vieste, this small bay is characterized by the homonymous rock in the center (Chianca in dialect means "Stone"), from which it takes its name. The beach is about 200 meters long and has a sandy and shallow seabed, ideal for children but also for lovers of rocks. A particularity of this beach is the sea cave located in the area, which was once a refuge for some specimens of monk seals.
After the Chianca, continuing towards Peschici, we find the Crovatico beach. This beach is located in a hidden bay along the north coast of Vieste about 10 km from the town centre. The beach is protected by thick vegetation and by the cliff that borders its sides, and there is no road to reach it as there is a tourist village in the surrounding bay which occupies the entire internal side of this beach in Vieste.

Thus we arrive at the border between Vieste and Peschici, with the bay of Finalize it.
Sfinale is one of the most pristine bays on the Gargano coast, located between Peschici and Vieste. The beach is easily accessible thanks to the road that leads to the beach itself, enclosed between two cliffs, the left of which preserves the remains of an ancient Saracen watchtower. The beach is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, made up of lentiscus, cistus, rosemary, prickly juniper and saffron flowers, and the birdlife is rich in plovers and black-bellied sandpipers. Sfinale is a true corner of paradise for lovers of wild nature and peace and tranquillity.

The beaches south of Peschici

The first beach we meet in the Peschici area is that of Bescile, better known as Manacore bay, it is as beautiful as all the bays in the Gargano area and enclosed between two rocky peaks, with a sloping sea and made up of fine golden sand. The beach is easily accessible by car.

Other sandy beaches follow one another, such as the small Cala Santa Croce, Gusmay, Cala del Turco, Calalunga, Manaccora and Zaiana.

Gusmay beach is a real corner of paradise while the small Cala del Turco bay evokes stories of pirates and sieges, such as the Turkish ones of the 1600s, but today it is an ideal place to bask in the sun and bathe in clear waters in complete relaxation . The beach is completely free and easily accessible, both through the tip of Cala Lunga and following a path that descends to the beach. To escape the summer heat, there is also a cave which can be used as a shelter. Being exposed to the north-east, it remains in the shade from mid-afternoon.

La Manaccora beach it is one of the most beautiful and popular in the area. The beach is surrounded by two suggestive rocky points and composed of fine sand. The beach can be accessed via an asphalted road that leads to the famous Grottone di Manaccora, a hypogeum dating back to the XNUMXth century BC. Here you can also admire another Trabucco.

Zaiana beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Peschici. In the 70s and 80s it was frequented mainly by young people, so much so that it took the nickname of "Youth Beach". This small beach is characterized by the suggestive rocks that surround it, offering the possibility of making spectacular dives thanks to the rocky conformation of the cliff and its natural trampolines. The dune is made up of fine sand and can be easily accessed by taking the detours from the SP

Before arriving at the rock on which the historic center of Peschici we find two enchanting beaches: that of Procenisco and that of San Nicola. Both are characterized by fine sand and crystal clear sea, and are both surrounded by a traditional Trabucco, an ancient fishing machine typical of the area. Enclosed between two striking rocky points, these beaches are protected from the winds and offer cool shade to enjoy the afternoon.

Le beaches of Vieste and Peschici offer a wide range of options for sea lovers. Starting from the Zaiana beach, passing through the hidden Crovatico and the suggestive La Chianca, up to the Scialmarino beach, one of the largest and most popular in Vieste. With sandy bottoms, these beaches are suitable for all types of people, from children to families, sportsmen and lovers of water sports such as kite surfing. Furthermore, the beaches in this area are more comfortable than those between Vieste and Mattinata, generally offering easier accessibility and the possibility of parking. If you are looking for a peaceful beach holiday full of options, the beaches between Vieste and Peschici are the perfect choice.

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