La Paposcia, the queen of Gargano street food

Paposcia is one of the typical dishes of the Gargano, a stuffed pan-focaccia spread since the XNUMXth century, especially in the area of Vico del Gargano.
Due to its simplicity and the possibility of combining it perfectly with different ingredients, it has established itself as one of the favorite dishes of tourists who can try it in almost all the pizzerias in Vieste and the Gargano.
The name Paposcia is given by elongated and flattened shape of the pan-focaccia that resembles a ciabatta or babuccia (“Paposcia” in southern Italy), then cut horizontally and stuffed as if it were a sandwich.

The original recipe of paposcia, a slow food presidium, involves the processing of dough with sourdough (growth) and the cooking in a live flame wood-burning oven, which gives it the right level of crunchiness.

The filling usually includes ingredients linked to the territory, such as tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil,  cheese, etc. , even if the possibilities and "tastes" are practically infinite: turnip greens, cheese and sausage or parmesan flakes, rocket, raw and tomatoes are just some of the most requested types of paposcia.

Whatever your favorite combination, paposcia awaits you for this journey of taste in the Gargano

To enjoy a typical paposcia with fresh ingredients, we recommend the
Typical Candlelight Restaurant
candlelight restaurant

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