Old Town Centre of Vieste

Vieste’s old town centre, or “Vieste Vecchia”, rises up on a cliff above the sea, from the Castle’s beach to “Marina Piccola”, through “Punta San Francesco”.

The medieval village has barely changed, keeping all his features intact: the typical alleys, small squares and panoramic view spots overlooking the sea, terraced houses with small balconies (mignali) and joined above the streets by distinctive archways. “Rione Ripa”, in the South-East it’s located on the cliff edge, with the old town standing out against the sea. The “Ripa” served in the past as a natural harbour and access to the city, in an age when the lack of roads made maritime transport necessary, thus making commercial exchanges with the modern Croatia quite common. Unfrequented during winter months, the alleys in the old town centre are filled with bazars and shops in the summertime, mostly located in converted sheds and selling local handicraft (terracotta, ceramic and Lecce’s stone) and a variety of souvenirs.


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