Sailing along the coast with Vieste Sea Adventure


Exploring the Gargano coast by boat is an unforgettable experience that offers breathtaking views and unique adventures. With Vieste Sea Adventure, you will have the opportunity to experience the sea like never before, thanks to personalized tours that will take you to discover the hidden beauties of the Gargano. Starting from the port of Vieste, you can choose from several excursion options, all guided by expert skippers, with the possibility of opting for a private boat or joining small groups for a fun experience.

An Unforgettable Trip with Michele

One of the most fascinating aspects of boat excursions with Vieste Sea Adventure is the possibility of being accompanied by expert skippers and passionate connoisseurs of the Gargano coast like Michele. You will just have to relax and you will be guided to discover spectacular sea caves, hidden coves and, if you are lucky, you can even spot the dolphins that frequent these crystal clear waters.

Each tour is designed to offer a unique and personalized experience, which will allow you to discover the most evocative places of the Gargano, far from the most crowded tourist destinations, as a couple and as a family.

Exclusive Itineraries: Sunrise and Sunset over the Sea

Vieste Sea Adventure also offers special excursions at sunrise and sunset, magical moments when the sea and sky are tinged with spectacular colours. Imagine starting the day with a breakfast on the boat, watching the sun rise over the horizon, or ending a perfect day with an aperitif at sunset, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gargano.

These tours are ideal for couples looking for a romantic moment, families wanting to create unforgettable memories, or friends looking to have a unique experience together.

Explore Sea Caves and Hidden Coves

One of the main attractions of boat excursions with Vieste Sea Adventure are the spectacular sea caves. These natural formations, sculpted by the sea and the wind over the millennia, offer a breathtaking spectacle with unique plays of light and reflections. Among the most famous caves to visit are the Sfondata Cave, the Bat Cave and the Bell Cave. In addition to the caves, you can discover hidden coves and bays accessible only by sea, such as the Bay of Vignanotica, the Baia delle Zagare and the Baia dei Campi, ideal places for swimming and snorkelling in clear and calm waters.

Book Your Adventure

Vieste Sea Adventure makes it easy and convenient to book your boat excursion. You can book your private trip online or join one of the available group tours, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience. The boats used are equipped with cutting-edge instruments and offer all the comforts necessary to enjoy the Gargano sea to the fullest.

For more information and to book your excursion, visit the website Vieste Sea Adventure or contact the team directly by telephone at +39 389 783 3270 or +39 342 092 1002, or by email at

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