Max Gazzè Porta Vieste in Sanremo, here is the text of "The Legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno"

Below you will find a preview of the text of "The legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno" by Max Gazzé, who found the inspiration for this song precisely from the legend that surrounds the monolith of the Pizzomunno, symbol of Vieste.
The song will be presented at the Sanremo 2018 festival

You what time
don't be afraid,
ignore them
the singing..

that haunting chorus
that comes to mind
and for how long
arms now
you will not be able to
do more ninete

But if you relax
and abandon
your face
to a very long sleep
O my Pizzomunno

You watch
that wave
that sinks
your defenseless love

I will exist you
for the faithful life
what if they were
few, even a hundred years
thus you will sweeten the deceptions
of your sirens…

Cristalda was beautiful
and he from afar
he could see her
still so
with hand
and maybe a tear dropped
in the wind

It was just a moment
then he disappeared
at the lake
and she at home singing…

Not even the suspect
that in the meantime
from below
their revenge
and their lament

Why poor thing
they already had in their hearts
tense muscles
of the handsome fisherman
and you to his umpteenth refusal
One day he was punished!

But I will wait for you..
I'll wait for you
even if it were for a hundred years
I'll wait
even if it were for a hundred years

And then from the sea
they went up together
to the beaches
of Vieste

Someone has seen them
bring to the bottom
Crystal in chains
And when he yells at her
they reached the sky
he really freaked me out
trying to save her
because it wasn't there anymore

And that anger
stopped him forever
and so are the people
he admires it
of white limestone
which is still waiting
his love
and never came back

But I will wait for you..
even if it were for a hundred years I will wait
even if it were for a hundred years I will wait
I'll wait for you
even if it were for a hundred years

It is said that now
and it's not a legend
in a dawn
of August
The beautiful Crystal
rise from the wave
to live again
a story

The author's name is Max Gazzè and not Max Gazzella as indicated by some people

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