The Scala dell'Amore

The stairway of love was built on the occasion of the 1st Vieste in Love, painting one from the stairs connecting the high door of the old City with corso Fazzini, right next to the town hall of Municipality of Vieste. On the steps of this unique staircase is the text of the song "The Legend of Pizzomunno and Cristalda” , by Max Gazzè, presented at the Sanremo Festival 2018. The song talks about the legend of the Pizzomunno, the white monolith located at the beginning of the beach south of Vieste, la Castle beach.
Some people have immediately given a symbolic and magical meaning to that stairway, it is said that walking along it together with a loved one will remain united forever, giving light to a modern and romantic legend that makes Vieste "the city of love".


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