Puglia and the Gargano are also growing in camping

Needless to deny it. Camping has been making a comeback lately. It doesn't matter if in a tent, camper or bungalow. It is the return of the good old camping philosophy that returns, thanks to the economic crisis but above all the desire to affirm one's own green style (and after all this too, in some cases, becomes fashionable). And the phenomenon could not but affect Puglia as well (one might say, above all).

The heel of the Belpaese has been recording dizzying numbers for two seasons with the Gargano as the master with a sharp +30% in 2022. Puglia is, in essence, one of the most sought-after destinations in international tourism: cruise tourism on the rise, net growth in arrivals at the airport with July reporting more than 1 million arrivals.

And camping could not be excluded from the growth, once again one of the favorite ways to experience the holidays by Italian and foreign tourists for at least 5 reasons including obviously the simplicity in organizing the trip, the irrefutable economic advantage, the eco-sustainability and respect for the environment and that great ability to dust off the ancient sense of adventure.

Campsites and Villages in Vieste – Gargano

The Gargano, and the queen of the Apulian tourist destinations Vieste, represented once again for this summer one of the most visited places by camping lovers. After all, there is no shortage of choice thanks to the presence of numerous structures equipped with every comfort, even for those who are ready to experience an extraordinary adventure in direct contact with nature. Oh yes because by now, although the philosophy of camping hasn't changed that much since the boom of the 80s, the way of understanding (and living) those vacation days is changing.
And so the structures are equipped with better toilets, even with swimming pools, umbrellas and sunbeds for hire. The contact with nature, the economy, the thrill of sleeping a few steps from the beach, perhaps hearing the sound of the sea and the surf in the background, remain of the campsite. But even this way of understanding a beach holiday changes, evolves with the times we live in and, therefore, the structures are equipped with entertainment for children, a restaurant, excursions and sporting activities.
Perhaps this is also the key to the success of a clearly growing sector. According to the data provided by Confcommercio, the result of the Faita-Federcamping survey, the campsite recorded an 8% growth compared to pre-COVID data with a substantial increase in the number of international tourists.

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