Excursions in the nature of the Gargano

The territory of Vieste, as well as that of the Gargano in general, is characterized by a great diversity of landscapes, which makes the holiday exciting and never banal for those who want to go in search of panoramic views, isolated bays, archaeological and naturalistic sites of considerable importance.
From the limestone cliffs to the Umbra Forest, with its depressed beech woods, the Gargano offers countless opportunities to experience itineraries including excursions on foot, by canoe and by mountain bike.
La coastline, for example, in addition to being characterized by splendid bays with long sandy beaches to the north, or high white cliffs to the south, it is characterized by the presence of sixteenth-century towers and "trabucchi", unique wooden fishing machines that dot the rock spurs leaning towards the sea. To connect them all a suggestive and panoramic coastal trekking route, called Sentiero dei Trabucchi, which starts from Peschici and reaches Vieste.
Furthermore, always on the coast there are numerous sea caves, beautiful but fragile works of nature that can be approached by canoe or sup, so as not to damage the fragile habitat they have created.
Just move a few kilometers towards the heart of the Gargano to find the Umbra Forest, probably the most important naturalistic site in this part of Puglia, with its ancient beech forest, a UNESCO site that can be known through the dense network of paths suitable for trekking and mountain biking. Here it is possible to find coolness even during the hottest summer days.
And for archeology and history enthusiasts, you'll be spoiled for choice: the paleo-Christian necropolis on the sea of ​​the Salad, that "daunia" of Monte Saraceno, or even the medieval abbey hidden on top of Sacred Mountain, are just some of the places not to be missed!
There is no shortage of experiences to be enjoyed with the whole family, such as fishing on trebuchets, demonstrations of caciocavallo podolico processing, or even astronomical trekking in some of the darkest spots in Italy, kept in the woods of the Gargano.
If on the one hand, as you will have understood, the Gargano is full of sites of interest, paths and experiences to be experienced, it is not always easy to find precise information, signs or maps that allow you to plan itineraries.
To overcome this problem, therefore, we always recommend contacting authorized guides who are experts in the area, such as the young tourist and excursion guides of Gargano Natour, which every year offer a rich calendar of "green" activities, of slow and sustainable use of the territory, through paths and experiences in the Gargano National Park.

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